Rent Free

We are thrilled to remove the rental burden from LPG and provide cylinders at no cost to the majority of our customers.


As a small business, we can only do this long term by keeping cylinder loss to a minimum.


By agreeing to be supplied with cylinders & LPG by K-Gas you (the customer) assumes full responsibility for the cylinder (s) in your possession.


As a result, you will be responsible for the replacement cost of the cylinder if they are lost and stolen, damaged or not returned.


Lost, Stolen or Damaged

By taking advantage of the K Gas rent free guarantee you are also take full responsibility for our cylinders. So, in the event that a cylinder in a customers possession is either lost stolen or damaged, you may be liable for the replacement cost of the cylinder.


Vacating or Moving House

In the event the you move to a new house and the cylinders are not returned; you will be liable for the replacement cost. The cylinders are allocated to the property that we delivered them to but remain in your name. Much like your electricity, when you move out you disconnect it and the new person reconnects it, the same principle applies with the cylinders.


Cylinders no Longer Required

We understand that you may choose to change LPG suppliers.  Our cylinders can only be removed from your property by K Gas. In the event that the cylinders are removed by your new supplier, unless they are returned to K Gas,  you will be liable for the replacement cost of the cylinders. 


K-Gas  Golden Rules

To allow K Gas to continue to provide South West Victoria's only rent free LPG, remember the golden rules. If you are moving house, changing supplier or no longer require gas, press on the link below, call us, text us or send a pigeon, just let us know and we will collect our cylinders from your property for free. If everyone plays their part we all benefit. 

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