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Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

Phone:  0439-310-563

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Rear Colac Horseland

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K Gas LPG Exchange Delivery Service - Delivering daily to Colac, Great Ocean Road & Southern Victoria

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Colac, Great Ocean Road & Southern Victoria

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The K-Gas Story

I would like to introduce myself.


My name is Kaidan - the K in K-Gas, I am a born and bred Colacian and the owner of K-Gas LPG Delivery.


For over 5 years I have delivering Gas Cylinders throughout the South West of Victoria.

There is a good chance I have delivered LPG Gas to your home or business - at last count I had delivered in excess of 10,000 cylinders.

During this time I learnt the importance of being honest, reliable and local. 

With big companies now dominating LPG throughout South West Victoria, I have seen customers become numbers and service become a thing of the past. 

From this K-Gas was born.

We are a young company with old fashion values. Our priority is to provide a service that country people expect and deserve. 

I look forward to meeting familiar faces again, and should you have any questions or queries feel free to call my mobile on 0439-310-563.



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The K-Gas Commitment

I want to be delivering gas to your children and grand children. We commit to always acting honestly and in the best interests of our customers. 

We commit to having a locally based office open during business hours to answer your questions, take your order or solve your problems. 

Our priority is our customer and we will  do whatever is required to ensure your satisfaction with the K-Gas service. 

We commit to providing a reliable delivery service that will not let you down. We will always communicate with customers as to when their delivery will be made. 

Your phone call will only ever be answered locally. We will never divert you through to a call centre, overseas or interstate. The person who takes your call can assist you immiedietly. 


Every customer that we service will be treated equally, K-Gas customers will always be known by name and not by number.